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Youtube vs tiktok | controversy | Tiktok ban?



How are you guys? I here to share some information about the controversy Growing in India. This controversy has named as YOUTUBE VS TikTok. This controversy has started with a roasting video of elvish Yadav. He is a YouTuber. He frequently posts vlogs as well as lifestyle and sometimes roasting videos of his on the youtube channel called Elvish Yadav vlogs. So I will describe to you all the things happened in this controversy below.

Elvish Yadav roasting video

This controversy started with a Roasting video of TikTok creators by elvish Yadav. Before we start I want you guys to let know the meaning of roasting.

Roast: (Comedy) to poke fun of someone as a way of honoring them.

Here elvish has roasted the below named TikTok creators:

  1. Ashimachaudary tiktok ID(@ashima.chandhary24)

  2. Rai TikTok ID(@angelrai07)

  3. SRK ID(@merealsrk)

  4. Sowmya Tiktok ID(@sowmya_pikachu)

  5. Revolver rain ID(@revolverrani)

  6. Khan Tiktok ID (@beautykhan50x)

  7. Aashikabhatia Tiktok ID(@aashikabhatia)

You can watch the roasted video of elvish Yadav

You can clearly hear the words of elvish Yadav. In the video.

Amir Siddique entrance

After this roasting video, Tiktok creator Amir Siddique has come out to stop this TikTok roasting trend from the market. He has made a video in which he told that if all the TikTok creators come out on the youtube platform then the existing Youtube creators will lose their demand. And he also said that more brand collaborations are in the TikTok platform comparing youtube . He also said that the youtube creator's engagement is very less than the TikTok creators' engagement. You can see the below video for more information.

He deleted the video from the Igtv of Instagram.

Amir Siddique video has raised a war between creators of TikTok and youtube. But this war has turned in to the platforms of TikTok and youtube. Now roasters of the youtube Such as lakshaya Chaudhary ,thugesh, and carryminati have roasted this amir Siddique Igtv and raised this issue a lot. And awazdarber has entered into it.

Awaz darbar video

Here awaz darbar has made a video in which he said not to fight, Why we are fighting with each other instead of working together and building the country. This video also has been roasted. Even the video has got lots of dislikes. You can watch the video below.

Carryminati and lakshya Chaudhary video removal

The videos of carryminati and lakhaya Chaudhary has removed from youtube for some issues. You cannot see their videos now but you can see from another account.I will mention them below:

carryminati TikTok roast video

And lakshya Chaudhary video

This are the deleted videos of carryminati and roasters.

Due to the controversy of the TikTok and youtube Faizal Siddique, the brother of amir Siddique has made a video which is glorifying the acid attack on women.The video of Faizal Siddique has shown below:

Due to this video TikTok India has banned the id of Faizal Siddiqui Due to policy.


This controversy or fight was between creators but people turned it into the platform fight and all the creators are taking benefits of this and some are losing their entire career. This fight is growing bigger and bigger. So I request you all to not increase this fight and try to end up this soon.

I hope this blog helped you to know the exact information about the controversy.

Thank you.

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