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What are the different types of men's shoes ? | Fashion trends


Hey, How you guys are doing? Here we are going to talk about men's shoes. Men's footwear is something that is appreciated in every part of the world. Branded men's shoes are probably their best companions and a parameter through which their personality is judged. There is a variety of different men's footwear available for men to choose from depending on the occasion and the kind of outfit they want to wear. Men’s shoe styles can vary widely, so it’s good to have knowledge and understanding of the different options available. Some types of men’s shoes are more suitable for certain occasions than others.

The men's shoes are widely divided into three types

  1. Dress shoes

  2. Casual shoes and

  3. Boots

Above are the categories of types of shoes and hereby the categories are divided into subcategory a below:

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1.Dress shoes:

Dress shoes are those shoes which we use for our professional purpose and also casual sometimes. Even though Shoes are the part of the fashion which will indicate you got style or not. And this dress is subdivided as below

  • Derby shoe: Derby shoe is a type of shoe which is styled with a thin sole and well-polished.This shoe is mainly worn by the guys who wore a formal dress and as well as a suit. Suits do wonder by pairing with derby. This is a simple and sweet style of shoe. Which can attract lots of people.

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  • Oxford shoe: Oxford shoes are also made to pair with formal. Oxford is styled with a sharp face structure and closed lace lines. These oxford shoes are mainly polished with brown colour. And you can get this oxford shoe made with genuine leather.

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  • Brogue shoe: Brogue shoe are single formal shoe which is also pair with casual to give a classy look. This is a shoe which are having small holes on the top and this is also the sharp-faced shoe. This shoe is personally my favourite. Brogue comes in a tan polish.

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  • Loafers: Loafers are very famous dress shoes and many of the people do like loafers because of its laceless structure. Loafer so has a sharp as well as block face structure. People mostly go for loafer because this is not that time taking while wearing than other dress shoes.

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2.Casual shoe:

This is personally a favourite category of shoes. Because this category of shoes has so stylish look.And not so boring. This shoes are mostly paired with casual outfits and also with suits some times. These shoes are mostly got high demand in the market. So casual shoes are subdivided as below:

  • Sneaker: Yes sneaker my favourite as well as yours. These sneakers got a well-built structure which is perfectly made for the full leg. These sneakers are also got an option of full ankle grip. Anyhow many celebs spend more money on sneakers.

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  • Boat: I guess many of you guys don't know what is a boat. The boat is a type of shoe made of leather sometimes and has no lace but lace style tie up on the above. These shoes are also has a thin sole, unlike sneakers. This is also most likely to wear it off and take it off.

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  • Espadrilles; This sounds quite weird but these are the shoes which are worn by our grandparents. Yes, I heard right. These shoes are made with good quality fabric. And so comfortable to wear. This shoe also doesn't have lace. And this makes this shoe to wear and take it off easily.

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  • Sandals: Sandals are quite footwear worn by us to go a little far from our house. This is made to use on the streets such as going to buy groceries, etc. You can have a look below.

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  • Slip-Ons: slip -Ons mostly look like espadrilles. But this is no the same shoe as espadrilles. These are made for the guys who don't like to wear sandals. They can go with this slip-Ons. Same as sandals this is so much convenient to wear.

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We all know boots are an essential section of our wardrobe. By the way, we all feel very confident wearing boots. Many can even match smart casuals and semi-formal ensembles, Making them a valuable wardrobe addition. And boots are not only about wearing on occasions, office, etc. We can pair with a daily style.

Below are the types of boots.

  • Chelsea boot: This is my personal favourite type of boot. This is mainly paired on casuals as well as formals too. Chelsea is made with leather And well as genuine leather. This boot has elastic on the sides. This is full ankle boots. And this gives a perfect gentlemen look. So investment in a decent brand Chelsea is far better.

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  • Chukka: Chukka is a shoe which is made of leather as well this boots do have lace on the up and has three hole lace on both sides. This boot is not a full-size ankle but it covers our leg Till toe. This chukka boat has a white sole majority.

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  • Brogue: Yes, you heard right. Brogues are the shoes which are same as dress shoe but these brogue boots have full ankle and give you a very dashing look. I personally have 2 pairs of brogues. These are damn sexy.

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The investment you do on the shoes is said as the best investment Because a decent pair of shoes can be used for about 3 years and help you from a dangerous accident. So while you are investing in any of the Shoe you must know in what you are investing as well as how much. So happy shopping.

So I guess you got the answer you are finding for. If you got any of the quarries then please comment down below. I will reply to you.

Thank you:)

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