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Top Fashion Brands of India.

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Fashion has rapidly grown in India .india also has many fashion brands which are doing good business in the outside world. Let's check those out.

India has opened its doors for the branded commodities. And Indians have now opened their wallets to spend much money on branded clothes. While there is always an upgrade in fashion certainly give their customers an entry ordinary excellence and style.

Now every person is shopping the brands by their name and of course for the status coming with that brand. (#fashion #india #brands)

In ancient time people use to say the necessity are shelter, food, and clothes. But nowadays clothes become much necessity than the other two. Clothes with their brands are most demanded apparels because of their status in the market.

Here, we will today also disclose the fashion brands of India with their full market information.

We've got a lot of brands which are clicking their presence in foreign also.below are the brands of Fashion.

  • Pantaloons fashion

Pantaloons fashion limited is a high growing fashion brand of India. It is into the clothing market and retail chain. pantaloons fashion limited was established in 1997. Founded by Kishor biyani. The revenue of the company is 2,552 crore and There are 5,300 employes are serving the company.

Pantaloon fashion limited:https://www.pantaloons.com/

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  • Amara fashion house

Amara fashion is a fashion boutique I'm Mumbai, India. it was founded on December 2005 and it has many fashion designers named (VARIJABAJAJ, NACHIKET BARVA, CHERIAN, NAMITA JOSHIPURA AND MANY OTHERS.)

Amara fashion house:https://www.weddingwire.in/bridal-lehenga/amara-fashion-house--e68764

  • Amartex

Amartex is a retail outlet company in northern India. it was founded in1988. The chairman is the Grover family.

  • Biba apparels

Biba Apparels is an Indian fashion brand for women and girls. It was founded by Meena Bindra in 1988 from her name in New Delhi. The revenue of the Biba apparels is 600cr.

Biba apparels:https://www.biba.in/

  • Central ( Department store)

Central is an Indian department store retail chain. run by future lifestyle Fashion of Future Group. It was founded in 2004.


  • Fabindia

Fabindia is an Indian chain store. It was established in 1960 by craftspeople across rural India. It was founded by John Bissell. The revenue of this brand is $65 million. It was founded in 2008.


  • Globus stores Pvt Ltd

Globus stores private Ltd is a retail chain of clothing. It is based in Mumbai, India. Globus stores were founded by RajenRheja group.

Globus stores Pvt Ltd:https://www.globusfashion.com/

  • Landmark

Landmark is a multinational company based in Dubai. It was founded in 1973. it was founded by the landmark group. Its revenue is $7 billion and 5,000 employees are serving landmark.


  • Lifestyle

Lifestyle is founded In 1999, It is a fashion Brand by Landmark group.


  • Mufti

Mufti is based on men clothing fashion brand. Founded by Kamal khushlani in 1998.


  • Prateek apparels

Prateek apparels is a clothing manufacturing and retail company based in Bengaluru. it was founded in 1995 by phulchand group. 3,000 employees are serving the brand.

Prateek apparels:https://www.linkedin.com/company/prateek-apparels-pvt-ltd

  • Shoppers stop

Shoppers stop was founded by k. Raheja Corp. It was established in 1991. Employes are around 14000 in the shop.And the revenue of the brand is around 19.30 billion rupees.

Shoppers stop:https://www.shoppersstop.com/

  • Welspun retail

Welspun retail is an Indian household good retailer. It was founded by Dipali Goenka. The revenue of the brand is 1.1 billion.

Welspun retail:https://www.welspunindia.com/

Here are the top brands in India. I hope you get info about it.

Thank you.

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