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What are the best outfit's to wear for interview | For men


People do have confusion in their minds about what to wear for a Job interview which helps them to impress the interviewer. Even though people ask their family and friends who passed out of the interview before for tips and tricks. There will be different types of interviewers that is depends on which career you choose. If you choose marketing or business path the attire should be totally formal and basic I will explain to you about this below. Well, we'll go deep on this topic later. But we have to look from the interviewer's point of view. For example what he wants to see in us. And what he is expecting from us. If we understand this we could finally pass the interview and elect for the job.

In this process, the body appearance and body language are so important. The interviewers are given commands from the companies to a lot only the guys who are clean, tidy, and well self behaved. This is so important if we are going for an interview. I know this is becoming so complicated but I will give you the best ideas of dressing to crack the interview in very first attempt.

Dress styling for different industries.

Different industries have different dress attire the below information could help you a lot.

Top 5 dressing tips to impress your interviewer

Well, the below tips and ideas are impersonally used by me even though I recommend this dressing idea to my friends as well. So I can say you that I have the best dressing ideas. I know you guys will get a question of why dressing is important to impress the interviewer. Let me tell you the note from the forces magazine(2013)

According to Forbes (2013), individuals who dress inappropriately or too informal are assumed to have a very ‘casual’ approach towards work and authority. It can also give an image of having a lack of concern about business etiquette.

This is the reason people believe that the first impression is the best impression.

The dressing tips are below.

1. A perfectly ironed white shirt:

Formal shirts

This is soo famous that a lite colored shirt and a dark-colored trouser are highly needed. But my ideas are different, You can pair a lite blue shirt with black trousers, And even you can pair a white shirt with black trousers as well. If you have a pair of Navy blue trouser you can pair that with a white shirt.

NOTE: A big reminder for you guys is an unironed shirt is not highly recommended. Because this shows how lazy you are.

Personally, I use the below shirt (you can buy this buy clicking on it)

2. A perfect pair of trousers:


Dark trouser is recommended when it comes to formals. The trousers should not be too tight and not too lose. All the trousers should be of the same size. The trouser has to be the texture on the cloth because a plain trouser looks soo boring. So perfect trousers make you walk in full confidence.

NOTE: If needed you should iron the trouser and the lines on the front of the trouser which starts from the above pocket to the toe should be visible.

Personally, I use the below Trouser (you can buy this buy clicking on it)

3.A Perfect dim suit :


Many people make lots of mistakes while wearing a suit. Because of Blazer. Her blazer is not the suit and it is only like a jacket which is possible to pair with casual too. Many people wear a blazer to the interviews. This could spoil all your look. You should either wear a well colored should just like a dark navy blue or a perfect grey suit.

NOTE: Suit should not be too loose or too tight because suits are very attractive to look and people get attracted to it.

Personally, I use the below Trouser (you can buy this buy clicking on it)

4.Minimal usage of Accessories:

Accessories to be worn

I know the accessories are the most attractive parts of our outfit. Even I say that accessories should be used as much as you can but when it comes to formals accessory usage should be minimized. Accessories will distract the look of your interviewer from your outfit.

I am not saying that you should not use accessories just have to minimize the usage of it. Below I showed some of the guides to use accessories.

Personally, I use the below Trouser (you can buy this buy clicking on it)

5.Perfect shoes

Shoes matter a lot when it comes to formals. And history is witness that shoes are made seriously for formals only and formals without shoes are a car without wheels. So shoes are an important thing. I've explained in the previous blogs too about the badass shoes to wear otherwise perfect boots to wear. I have to give you the guide below you can see it for more information.

If you wanna buy the shoes which I personally use visit here a wide range of office shoes.


Hence, not a proper dressing will not help you to gain the trust of the interviewer and it may exclude you from further considerations. If you are really want to gain the trust of the company then you should mind your outfit and body language first.

I hope you got the information about what you are looking for.

If you got any quarry regarding this you can text me on Instagram or even can comment down below.

Thank you :)

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