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I know you guys are excited to know the most expensive sneakers in the world. I brought a list of the top 10 expensive sneakers. And this article will satisfy your want of knowing the top 10 expensive sneakers.


This day's many people are fond of sneakers. And always wanted to make a collection of sneakers.there are some people who want to collect the top expensive sneakers in their collection. This is a habit for some people. In the new era of fashion and styling sneakers took a place to stand out as more comfortable compared to other shoes.

Here's the list of top expensive shoes brought by sealofstyle exclusively for there viewers.

1. Air Jordan SE ($10,000)

Air jordan se 5

The air Jordan 5 se is which is exclusively released in 1990. The air jordans were designed after world war 2 fighter plane with a sharp mouth design. It also features the first significant changes of Jordan designs the removal of the Nike Air logo in the heel with the replacement of the jump man logo. it is a must-have pair for the sneaker collector. And the pair of this sneaker was sold for $10,000 us dollars when it was put an auction.

2.Two air Jordan collaboration with DJ Khaled. ($25,000)

Khaled air jordan

The kicks are the 10th of the air jordans collaborations with DJ Khaled. This limited jordans are holy for the speaker collector. the DJ Khaled collab with the air jordans on the models in 2017.was to celebrate the release of his album. The main feature of Jordan was the hanging tag of the brand WE THE BEST. He put the design simple One is classy green and another is red. He named the green as cactus and red like clay.

3.Eminem collab with Carhartt air Jordan 4 Retro($32,000)


The air jordans was collaborated with Eminem and bought Eminem Carhartt Air Jordan 4 retro. They put the design very simple of the fabric black color with the white sole and the aluminum lace holding strap. This is sold for $32,000 us dollar.

4.Nick air back to the future. ($35,000)

Nike back to the future

The Nike air back is the futuristic sneakers we can say after all. They are the expert's sneakers with high sneakers technology. These sneakers are made with the fabric material and it automatically ties up the lace and has the sole LED light. And this and these sneakers are so comfortable. These sneakers cost $35000 us dollars.

5.Big boi's Nike airforce 1($50,000)

Nike airforce 1

The sneakers are specially made for Big boi with 13 karat diamonds around it. These sneakers are made exclusively with the diamond. This is pure white in color. These sneakers cost around $ 50,000 thousand us dollars.

6.Michal Jordan sliver shoe ($60,000)

sliver jordans

This is the most versatile shoe. Which is manufactured only 10 pairs. It is made os sliver and with a white sole, these sneakers have a sharp mouth.it costs around $60,000 us dollars.

7.Drakes Air Jordan 12 OVO($100,000)

Air jordan 5 ovo

This is specially made for drakes and this was also given by drake to his fan. It is in white color and white sole. And it has the Jumpman logo on it. Fan again put an auction on it this jordans were sold for $100,000 us dollars.

8. Michale jordans converse fast break. ($190,363)


This is the shoes of Michael Jordan wore in the 1984 Olympics. This is really so old as this got black. But this jordans gone for its highest bid was $190,363 us dollars.

9.Nick moon shoe($437,500)

Nike moon shoe

These shoes are made by the Nike first shoe manufacturer in 19's this is really the most ancient shoe.and in 2020 it was put on auction and it was the highest bid ($437,500) us dollars.

10.Solid gold OVO air jordans. ($2 MILLION)

gold air jordans

This jordans belongs to drake and these jordans were made by 24-carat pure gold for exclusively Drake. However, he should not be at the concerts but he put it in his collections. This jordans cost $2 MILLION us dollars.

By this, our list of expensive sneakers got over. I hope you got the information you are searching for. If you have any questions you can comment down below. I will respond in a few hours.

Thank you.

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