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How to stop hair fall naturally in rainy season | Precaution


Hey, how are you guys? I hope you guys are awesome. So we are going to talk about how to stop hair fall naturally in rainy seasons. Yes, I know you guys are here to knowledge about how to care your hair naturally. I will be sharing reasons why hair fall happens during the rainy season and how to prevent hair fall. Let's roll down into the article.

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Reasons why hair fall happen in the rainy season

Many guys don't know the reasons behind the hair fall during the rainy season. people brother more about the hair fall which is happening during the rainy season. But I take this issue normally. The reasons are given below:

  1. Exessive moisture in the climate.

  2. Rainwater is quite acidic in nature.

  3. Due to air pollution Rainwater become dirty.

  4. Due to the usage of anti-water chemicals for our hair. And rainwater comes to contact this hair chemically.

  5. Testosterone level increases in the rainy season.

This reason is mostly for hair fall during the rainy season.

What to eat to stop hair fall

We can control hair fall by eating the below vegetables.

If you are vegetarian you can eat

  1. Carrot.

  2. Beans.

  3. Leafy vegetables.

And if you are non-vegetarian you can eat

  1. Fish

  2. And egg.

You can follow the above menu vegetables and non-veg. stop armpit sweating immediately

Hair fall comb

Vitamin for hair fall

Hair fall also occurs Due to lack of vitamin c and vitamin e. Take this vitamin and hair fall will definitely get reduced. As well as use onion juice for hair fall. Apply onion juice on the scalp. This will reduce hair fall for a long extent.

Natural ways to reduce hair-fall

You can follow these natural ways to reduce your hair-fall.

  1. Keep your scalp clean

  2. Make your hair dry instantly after getting wet in rainwater.

  3. After bath daily dry your hair.

  4. Use shampoo while bathing alternate days. (Always use mild shampoo)

  5. Use hair conditioner with shampoo.

  6. Use hair oil.

  7. Put your body temperature down.

  8. Don't come out during raining.

  9. Apply onion juice on the scalp.

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This will help You to reduce hair fall. I can surely say that if you follow this guide to reduce hair fall during rainy seasons.

I hope you got the perfect information. If you have any quarry regarding this hair fall issue. Feel free to comment down below. I will surely reply to you.

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