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How to start a Fashion Blog

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Hey, how are u beautiful people are? Of course, you are here for a guide to start a fashion blog right. you are in the right place. so let's don't waste time and roll down into the blog.

I will help you to start a perfect fashion blog. We've got many tips&tricks to look after.

So before you start a blog you have to know one important thing. Let's don't take it to long, blogging is not easy. Blogger should have better writing skills information collecting skills , etc. You have to work so hard. It takes time but believes me once you get clicking into blogging nobody can pull you down. Once you thing you have to be regular.

"The harder the conflict the greater the triumph".

So, if you are ready now, you can go for it.

The first thing we do before starting a blog is deciding a niche. Of course, you are reading this blog and your niche is fashion right.

In this niche, you have to help people out there by focusing on equality ethical clothing labels and helping youngsters with extraordinary opinions about dressing body and its lifestyle.

The basic steps to start a fashion blog are below:

  1. Get a catchy domain and your own host. Make sure the domain is easy to remember.

  2. Choose a perfect website builder. As if me I use WIX but these days Wordpress is in trend. It's up to you.

  3. Find out the craziest content for your blog.

  4. Publish the content by adding as images and videos on it.

  5. Connect with your viewers.

  6. Network your site.

Believe me, there is so much competition in this niche. you couldn't even breath in this niche.

And one more thing, many blogs in these are really doing shit. they don't even understand.

So put the amazing Content which can stand out in the competition.

There are tips from my side for you guys.

  • Host and domain this is two different things, you should not start a serious blog on blogger spot because they are doing there own marketing by adding blogspot.com at the end. So buy your own domain. It's up to you to buy a host because its costly though. You can go to for blogger and Wix.com.

For domain:https://in.godaddy.com/domains/domain-name-search

  • Being different You should put your content in an amazing way which will attract will towards you.

  • Make yourself present at that site you have to make about us page. And you should put your photo on that page. And write about your self you can write your story. never mind if it is long just writing it.

  • Make easy to access the website your website should be very easy to access.

  • You have to take a pen and paper just sit down to find content on the internet or can go for your self-content just write doesn't matter if it's long . you should write write write.

  • Always write long blogs as long as you can.

  • Learn SEO: Youtube video:

  • Spy on your favourite fashion blogger As you are a beginner you don't know what to do so start spying on fashion blogger and start knowing how and what successful fashion blogger are doing.

  • Make the fu***kin craziest content. This will lead you from 0 to 100.

So, This is the basic guide to start a fashion blog. Remember you can use this guide for any other blogs also. I am sure you will be a success. Now just close this blog and start working buddy.


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