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How to become a model in india | Getting into modelling

Steps to become a model | Modelling career


What's up, In this blog, I am going to cover the steps to become a model. And what are the requirements for becoming model? I am sure this will surely help you out. And in today's world, The lines between model & influencer (#modelling #model)have become very similar, So what makes a model now?

Model posing for a portfolio shoot

Once you decide upon modelling as a career, the profession is what you will need to be at every sincere. You have to be regular with your workout, grooming and diet. surely, a well-shaped body or a healthy glowing skin(#health is not built in a day and you will have to understand this.

  • Age requirements as a fresher for modelling

Usually, the age specified for participants is 18-30 years. But that is just a statement because model requirements are in every age category. No matter you are 15 or 50 you can et into a modelling career.

  • Types of modelling

Runway modelling:

Runway models

Boys mostly need height between 5'10-6'2 with simple physiques. And dor girls need to be around 5'9 and with perfect catwalk training. This is specified in the ramp walk.

Swimwear model:

Swimwear models

This requires for men broad shoulder with a slim waist is preferred and for girls well-developed breast and good hip.

Promotional model:

promotional models

Some companies want their customer base to directly interact with a model who is attractive with ideal personalities to promote their brand you may see these models in grocery stores, events or clubs promoting things like food or new products. This is for the guys who are well socially engaged and have some fame.

  • Portfolio shoot

Model posing for port folio


It is very obvious that getting a portfolio shoot is a little expensive, but that does not mean you can skip it. Even though it is(#portfolio you should have a portfolio professional photographer, even if it expensive, they may give you a better idea of what kind of look you have to give, you may eventually need these photographs to go for the interview, so think of it as a worthwhile investment!

If you don't have an idea about the portfolio, that is nothing but a collection of professional photos which are seen by interviewers. Before any assignment, your portfolio is going to see before your assignment is given to you.

  • Know your personal information

This is all about your knowing your body measurements and personal info. And it includes: Hair colour

  1. Basic measurements like height, weight, and shoe size.

  2. Clothing measurements: shoulder, chest, waist, thighs.

  3. Hair colour, eye colour, skin tone, skin type.

  • Modelling agencies.

Modelling agencies through freelance modelling is very much in trend, that is only for the guys who built their name socially. if you are new in the modelling industry or a fresher. it is advisable to get associated with an agency,(#modellingagencies) this will help you take your portfolio further and chances will increase for you.

Take your portfolio. agencies will often ask you to walk or pose for them. They may take your headshots or take your measurements as well.

Be caution about the charges, it is advisable to don't pay any money before you get assignments.

Be humble be generous, polite and straight forward to your work.

Remember you need to be professional. Treat people with respect. you never people will make an entire career if they like personality. You may be a model, but that doesn't give you the right to be selfish, affected, etc.

Conclusion: The fashion and modelling industry is all about being different from others. People want to see you in many creative ways. Bringing is the key, so, interact with the world around you. Be patient, stay consistent and remember consistency is the key to success.

That's all for this blog, If you like it please leave a comment.

Thank you.

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