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Does wearing cheap clothes mean you are broke ?

I know many guys out there has this question in their hearts. And many guys are fond of fashion but their wallet doesn't support sometimes. We are going to talk on this topic today and this will be a perfect answer for your question od Does wearing cheap clothes mean you are broke?

Do cheap clothes mean you are broke?

The answer to this question is a big NO!

Does wearing cheap clothes mean you are broke?

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Going to brands is nice. But praising much to brands is Not good. There are many teenage guys who feel down when they go into a group of their friends who worn Branded clothes. This is wrong. Many families who run with a tight budget. They don't usually have enough money to spend every month on brands. Due to this those families go for cheap clothes. Cheap clothes are named if they were bought in the street . If these same clothes are bought in a well-maintained shop in the respected market. Then those are praised so much. This seems some weird but this is truth.

Can't comment on men's clothing as they care more about the brand and all. We can't blame them for that, as men have fewer option and style to buy

  • Many richest people in the world started from scratch.

  • The famous personality such as late: DIRUBAI AMBANI he was the richest man he uses to work in the petrol pump in aboard and when he comes to India. he started a textile industry. It is the first business set up in the reliance industry.

  • So, You guys don't forget that you guys have a family to feed not a society to impress.


So take care of your family. Don't go to impress your friends and society. Impress your family in hard times. Remember family will stand back for you at any time.

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