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Best shopping site (2020) | MYNTRA

Hey, guys. I am back with a new article in which I am going to share my favourite top loved clothing site where I often purchase clothes. I can believe this site with my eyes close. These days we all are so busy that we don't even have time to go to the outlet of brands and buy clothes or any other stuff like footwear, and also accessories. At this point in time, we go for the option called online shopping. There are lots of websites where we can purchase clothes but not really a good option because in those sites there will be a lot more products unrelated to clothing and we might not get the desired outfit right. And even though maximum sites which also sell other products don't have a trending collection of clothes. And not much demand for it.BEST SHOPPING SITE 2020.

So in these situations here comes a specially defined online shopping website which only looks after the clothing and footwear also accessories. Here we can easily get our desired product instantly. And also a running model.

This brings a lot more demand for websites Who are specially working with Clothes. For this article, I am talking about the myntra shopping site which specially deals with only clothes, footwear and also accessories.

Myntra (Shopping site)

Myntra logo

Myntra is one of the best sites when it comes to online shopping for MEN. And many of you guys don't know that It is a Flipkart company. I know some of you guys have purchased any good from this site. And obliviously I know your answer will be fabulous. Compared to the other sites myntra bring the products which are pocket friendly as well

  • Myntra also shares seasonal discounts. Before a season starts for example if summer/spring season is going to start then there will be a special dropdown bar on the website which will deal with the summer/spring clothing. In which there will be lots of seasonal discounts. This will help the visitor to buy his/her desired product.

  • After the shopping for clothes you will definitely move to another section called accessories .here you will be getting a lot of collection of backpacks, caps and huge trendy collection of normal and smart watched where you will not return buy one. Myntra has the most trending accessory window for there customers.

  • At last, you will have to just look at the trendy collection of footwear. Where you can find shoes for casual wear, boots for parties and also formals for office wear and lot more this is a very high demanded window in which the person will get fall into it and never come back without getting a pair for him/her.

Myntra has user-friendly interphase on its website where any new buyer can also easily access it. With consumer-friendly interphase, the customer will get a clear idea about the service which is going to be provided by myntra.

Myntra website mobile phone inter phase

Myntra website desktop interphase

Myntra got a variety of 100% original brands and deals with it. I have shown the brands below which are so popular.


  • Asics

  • Basics

  • Black Coffee

  • Blue Saint

  • Burton

  • Cherokee

  • Code by Lifestyle

  • Colours Couture

  • Colt

  • Dennison

  • Fabindia

  • Flying Machine

  • Frost

And much more!

  • Myntra also has 100% original brand guarantee

  • Return of the product you order within 30 days policy.

  • Get free delivery on orders of above 1199/-

Myntra also has an option to TRY AND BUY Which is running well these days. This option is available for 31 cities across India which will spread as demand spread for this policy.

Myntra also has an option of Gift wrapping which is useful. If you want to Gift any product to any of your relative or friend then myntra especially wraps for you the product and also writes the message you want to give them.



This is the reasons why I shop from myntra. And I love the quality and service they provide. If you got any queries regarding myntra then just comment down below. I will definitely reply to you.

Disclaimer: This is an only review of the website. I shared the experience which I get from myntra itself. This is not a collaboration with Myntra.

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