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5 shoes which will make you look BADASS(2020) | Shoes that will never let your confidence down



Did you realize any time from morning to evening and from gym to a fresh date we all guys wear shoes. Right, We wear shoe for any reasons then what if we select those shoes which look badass on your personality . Because we use shoes very often. So for you guys today I brought an article in which you will be seeing 5 shoes which will make you look badass in the crowd and attracted lots of people. What say?

shoes are the basic need of a guy who goes to school or office. It cannot be neglected right. After all, shoes are out which are made for various reasons like for athletics, formals casual , etc. I am sure you will rock your circle with this 5 badass shoes.

So let's get into the article. And I want to share that an average person who is well-financed he should have three-pair of shoes. This is for information only. Let's roll down into the article.

5 shoes which will make you look Badass

1.Gym shoe / outdoor shoe

Gym/trainer shoes


This shoe look so bulky and gives you a badass look. This shoe can be used as your regular gym shoe. And if you are a trainer a fitness couch, Or a student who go for tours, And this shoe also can be used as if you are going outdoor for playing games like cricket, basketball, or else tennis etc. This going to give you a badass look. And the centre of attraction of your body. This will make people look to turn peoples around to your feet and gives you extraordinary confidence. Believe me, this will change your thinking towards footwear.

If you wanna buy this badass shoes Below I will be giving you the link for it.

Product(Click on the product )


Canvas shoes.


I know many guys are fond of these canvas shoes. The incredible thing of thing canvas shoe is this is available in as many as colours possible. This canvas shoes can be paired with jeans and a T-shirt or a casual

shirt which is check and jeans. Every guy should own a pair of white canvas and as well as white sneakers. Because this shoe will make your day.By many compliments. And also these shoes don't cost you more and never fall high on the wallet. You can go for this your eyes close.

If you wanna buy these shoes and also available in different colours you can see my affiliated link below.

Product(Click on the product )




If you are a guy who loves sneakers. And that too a badass full ankle sneaker so this is for them. A ankle sneakers can be wore on any occasion. You can take this to college and also any outdoor party anytime. I will not say to buy Jordan or Nike sneakers because they can fall high on your wallet. So this would be a good choice . You can pair out with casual outfit as well. And I am telling you, buddy. This will rock you out. If the above-shown picture sneakers have 3 colours if you wanna buy this I will share don't affiliated link you can buy it.

Product(Click on the product )

4.Formal shoe

Formal shoes


Formals are needed for every guy. And this days for the guys who go to the office are really in need of formals. The above shown formal is a killer pair because this shoe is totally leather and cost you a bit much but gives you along lasting life . This is my guarantee for you. The dots of this shoe will go with causal too and it will set a trend. And you will appear badass. This attracted lots of peoples attention. And if you wanna buy the above-shown pair then I will give you the affiliated link below.

Product(Click on the product )


Chealsea boot


Boots are of various types I agree with that and every boot is made for there own reasons. Definitely boots with a leather jacket will rock you in the crowd . With the boots, you will look definitely badass . Boots can be worn with casuals as well as formals too. And if you are a short guy belive me boots will make you look taller. And if you wanna know which boot is for what purpose then you should see these boots for different purposes.

If you like the above-shown boot then you can buy from the below-given link.

Product ( click on the picture)


So here the badass shows . I am sure you will get the info . But you should go with favourable to your wallet. Shouldn't spend a lot.

If you got any query about this plz comment down below. I will definitely reply to you.

Thank you.

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